Organic Grazing

For several years, Journey's End Ranch has been preparing its land and cattle for organic certification. In October 2008, we were gratified to receive the organic certification for cattle beef and pecans. Journey's End Ranch is one of the first ranches in the state to apply and receive the certification. Below are a few of the key statistics of Journey's End Ranch and its organic grazing initiative.

We view ourselves as stewards of this blessed land. Our management practices are aimed at natural processes. We employ ranch management practices that encourage biodiversity and enhances the ecology. Our cattle are raised naturally, in their natural habitat, which is open pasture. We want our cows to graze on grass and forage the natural way. We refuse and do not use grain, animal by-products, hormones, or antibiotics to artificially accelerate growth in our animals.

We practice pasture rotation. Cattle are rotated to new pasture every few days. The goal is to enable our cows to consume grass at its optimal stage of nutritional quality.