Ranch History

Journey's End Ranch is located in Fannin County, Texas, between the bayou of the Choctaw and the Bois d'arc on the bank of the Red River – the Bogue Humma of the Choctaw Indians.

The ranch is named after Captain Nathaniel T. Journey, early day Indian fighter and first Captain of the North Texas Ranger Company. It is a ranch situated where Nathaniel Journey located his league and labor of land on a trail ending at the base of Mulberry Bend.

Having hunted buffalo in the area, Davy Crockett had earlier formed a high esteem of the vicinity. While on his way to the Alamo, there to die in a display of imperishable valor, Crockett had written to his children in Tennessee:

“I expect in all probability to settle on the Bodark or Choctaw Bayou of the Red River, that I have no doubt is the richest country in the world, good land and plenty of timber, and the best springs and good mill streams, good range, clear water and every appearance of health. It is in the pass where the buffalo passes from north to south and back twice a year, and bees and honey plenty.”

Though hardbitten and calloused from travel, still earlier pioneers noted the beauty of this area: “We passed beautiful landscapes and venture that the lowlands of the Nile are not better than Red River lands . . .”

A modern chronicler of the valley and its history has written: “But the river is beneficient. It has deposited on its bottoms some of the richest soil on earth, in which everything needed for food for man or beast grows luxuriantly.”

Judge Ralph Elliott of Sherman, Texas, began acquiring this land in 1952. Over a 35 year period, he pieced together this unique property. Since his passing in 1998, the ranch has been expanded and passed on to his son, William D. Elliott. Today, we raise grass fed beef cattle and grow organic pecans.