Here are directions to "Journey's End". It has that name because after traveling there, you feel as if you have reached journey's end. Travel time is about 90 minutes, measured from Dallas or 25 minutes from Sherman, depending upon, of course, your speed.  Map

Exit DFW airport using North Exit. Go about a mile or two from airport to I-635, turn right or East (towards Dallas).

Continue on I-635 freeway for 15 miles or so until Highway 75-McKinney exit (exit to the right). This is a large clover-leaf intersection. After you get on Highway 75, you are going North.

Travel North to Sherman on Highway 75. The distance is about 60 miles.

When entering Sherman, you will pass 67 or so exits before coming to the exit for Highway 82. A large Lowe's store is on the right. Take the Highway 82 exit (going to the right or East).

Travel approximately 15 miles. You will pass Choctaw Creek, and an exit for Bells. Keep going a bit further.

After you pass the exit for Bells, Texas, but before you exit at the Savoy exit, you will leave Grayson County and cross over into Fannin County, which has a prominent history.

Exit at Savoy/Farm Road 1752. Take the exit and turn left. You will travel approximately 6 miles until the road deadends at FM 1753. Turn right (East).

As you approach the intersection of FM 1752 and FM 1753, look to left, across road. You will see a high (10 feet) green fence. Numerous African animals are kept on that property and if fortunate, you might see them eating. Do not hesitate to stop and look; many stop by the road to stare at the animals.

After turning, you will travel a few miles. You will pass a sand & gravel mining area, on the left and right. Keep going straight. You will make a large S curve, first the right, and then to the left, and after you make the first leg of the S turn, you will approach a dirt road turning to the left (East). The dirt road is County Road 1015. Keep going on the dirt road. It winds around.

Follow the dirt road for 3 miles. You will pass over a small creek, past some homes, past a small community church and then about 3/4 mile past the church, you encounter a 90 degree right turn and at this point, you are facing our property. The large white gate is prominent on the left after you make the sharp right turn. The farm's sign hangs next to the gate. Journey's End Ranch.

Turn into the gate and drive straight on the formerly smooth paved road (which needs repaving, but is quite expensive to do), over a cattle guard, past a large barn on the right, and the main house is straight ahead. Avoid the holes in the road as best you can. There are some pine trees on the left, but when they were first planted years ago, the cows ate many of the trees. My father's brother lived in Georgia and sent him the trees, which were planted. The thought was to have a long line of pine trees greeting you as you drive up the main road.

Organic Grazing

Grass-fed cows, low-stress management techniques, and open pasture rotation are all used for a better, naturally grown herd of cattle. For several years, Journey's End Ranch has been preparing for organic certification once the State of Texas finalizes its criteria. Our capacity is up to 150 head of cattle on 580 acres. [more]

Organic Pecans

Pecans are a good source of protein. And, the antioxidants and plant sterols they contain may improve consumers' cholesterol status. Research shows that organic pecans have a superior taste, yet organic foods make up only 1-2% of the entire food supply. At Journey's End Ranch, we are committed to naturally grown pecans. [more]